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FREEFALL  The grayscale version

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Color by George Peterson.                  Freefall updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

A bit late posting this one. Florence at work, brought to you Fizzymus. Fizzymus has an art gallery at Deviant Art.

Freefall and Purrsia are provided courtesy of Tugrik.

Freefall in color by many folks.


Gregor: Mr. Starfall. What do your people consider good behavior and how does your society encourage it?
Sam: Look out for yourself. Look out for your group. Take advantage of those who aren't in your group. Keep as much as you can without causing your group to attack you.
Gregor: Oddly human.
Sam: Considering that you're alien space monkeys and my people are noble cephalopods, our civilizations show a surprising amount of parallel evolution.

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