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There are so many on line comics now, I don't even know how many there are, much less being able to list them. This is just a partial list of the comics out there.

On Line Comics

My own picks for the top three.

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures! Dan and Mab's furry adventures!: It has the word 'furry' in the title. That may be what is keeping this excellently drawn and very funny comic out of the eyes of the mainstream. Family rated, nothing objectionable, except perhaps the occasional exploding faery glen. (Hint, don t pull their antenna.) Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Kevin and Kell Kevin and Kell: One of the first on line comics and still one of the best. The trials and tribulations of a mixed marriage between a carnivore and herbivore. Lots of computer references. Updated daily.
Two Kinds Two Kinds: Beautifully drawn comic. If you include the Basitins, there are three kinds, but too late to change the title now. Impressive because the art and story just keep getting better with no sign of Tom hitting a plateau.

Still more comics
21st Century Fox 21st Century Fox: Probably the most improved comic on the web. From near scrawls and stick figures at the beginning to full color animated gifs. Even with the improved art, this comic's strongest point remains the writing.
Carry On Carry On By Kathryn Garrison. The story of a family of hyenas who run a funeral home. Well drawn, good stories, and lots of bad puns. Updated three times a week.
Faux Pas Faux Pas: A fox living on a farm for animal actors meets a lady fox from the wild.
Flaky Pastry Flaky Pastry: Room mate science plus magic comic. Pretty good.
Housepets Housepets:Comedy. A world where the pets are intelligent and have their own agenda. When not being messed with by outside forces.
Girl Genius Girl Genius: By the talented Phil Foglio. Excellent artwork. Complex storyline. Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Grrl Power Grrl Power: An all lady superhero team that tries to do things by the book. Except who reads books any more? Mayhem, destruction, great art, and lots of fun.
Gunnerkrigg Court Gunnerkrigg Court: A complex interwoven story comic about science and magic living side by side, but not together.
Irregular Webcomic Irregular Webcomic: A comic with Legos!
Out of Placers Out of Placers: Starts off a little rough storywise but evolves into some of the best world building I've seen.
Quantum Vibe Quantum Vibe: Science fiction with humans and artificial folks trying to find a practical way to expand their culture beyond the confines of one solar system.
Recursion Recursion: Follow the adventures of Jade, a futuristic hero thrown back in time while attempting to thwart the plans of the villainous Dr. Deathe. A science fiction/humour that captures the feeling of a Saturday morning adventure cartoon.
Sequential Art Sequential Art: Room mate comic, assuming your room mates are a penguin, cat girl, a squirrel gestalt and a basement full of entities.
SkinDeep SkinDeep: Your neighbors are not always what they seem.
Spacetrawler Spacetrawler:Humorous adventures, in space!
S.S.D.D. S.S.D.D.: It used to be a light comic about running a boarding house. The artwork has improved, and the story has increased in depth and scope. Some mature content.
Savestate Savestate: Games, ghost bunnies, demon possessed toys. Kade and Nicole have their hands full.
Superosity Superosity: Almost no way to describe this one, except it's funny! Updated daily.
Swords and Sausages Swords and Sausages: Tales from the days of old, if your days of old had less than competent tiger rogues, cow barbarians, and other silly things.
The White Board The White Board: The world's best paintball comic. Updated five times week.
Vexxarr! Vexxarr!:An alien invasion gone wrong. The advance scout is captured by humans! Can the alien commander still save the day in time for cake? Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
xkcd xkcd:A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. MUCH funnier than it sounds.

Inactive comics
Comics that are no longer being updated, but still worth a look.

1/0 1/0: A comic with no fourth wall. The comic characters realize they re characters, and not always in agreement with their creator.
Bruno the Bandit Bruno the Bandit: Not to be confused with Bruno. This is a swashbuckling tale of an inept bandit of old and his faithful microdragon Fiona.
By The Saints By The Saints: Colonial era conflict by Chris Kozloski.
Code name Hunter Code Name Hunter: A serial that follows the careers of two agents, Max and his partner Ruby. Good story and drawings.
Crimson Dark Crimson Dark: Space opera in 3D.
Adventures of Fifnie, The Adventures of Fifine, The: Think Tin Tin. Very well done serial adventure comic, with some very nice artwork. Described by the writer as 'I'm just an ordinary French maiden surrounded by the worst people imaginable.'
Little Dee Little Dee: A comic by Chris Baldwin who does Bruno. A lost child in the woods is adopted by animals. Simple, well drawn, and very funny.
Little Tales Little Tales: Two comics, one site. A slice of life comic and "The Man who was Tuesday".
Nukees Nukees: Gav, a perpetual student and cynic turned mad scientist, tries to find love, life, and world domination in the world of academia.
Ozy and Millie Ozy and Millie: Just like the neighborhood you grew up in, if your neighborhood had wolves, dragons, and foxes in it. Well drawn, humor is excellent.
Schlock Mercenary Schlock Mercenary: Guns, explosives, powered armor, blobs with plasma cannons, big starships and more guns! Hey, ya gotta love a sci-fi comic where the emergency medical hologram is a stick figure
Skin Horse Skin Horse: From the creator of Narbonic. A government agency to help those who others find too far off the beaten track. Of sanity.
Spinnerette Star Power: Super Hero/Space Adventure comic by Michael Terracciano & Garth Graham. If the writer's name sounds familiar, he also did Dominic Deegan, oracle for hire.
Suburban Jungle Suburban Jungle: The life and times of a tiger who aspires to be a model.
Zebragirl Zebragirl: Life was easier for Sandra before her room mate turned her into a demon. Unbelieveably good artwork.
Zortic Zortic: A spoof of just about everything, from superheros to giant monster movies to star trek. And through this, he manages to weave a continuing storyline and some great humor.

Comics you may not want to show to your mother.
These are comics that while good, may be too much for those of a sensitive nature. Not for kids.

Red Meat Red Meat: Weird, twisted, and funny. What more could you ask for? Updated weekly.
Oglaf Oglaf: Frequently x-rated and very funny. Very much not safe for work.
Sabrina On Line Sabrina On Line: Drawn by the talented Eric Schwartz, this is one of the best looking comics out there. It follows Sabrina as she tries to make a career as an artist. This comic does have some off screen adult references. Updated Monthly.
Sabrina story Sabrina story: Approved by Eric Schwartz, but not considered canon, this is a written story about Sabrina (listed above) done by Chris Foxx. Some adult content. Updated approximately every week.